Engine Bay Degreasing

Alloy Polishing Salt Water Corrosion

We can transform your entire vehicle by completely changing the exterior’s look and car wheel is really an amazing part of our car! We have premium cleaning samples to chose from or we can discuss specific requests!

This job will take more than one business day depend upon the services which needs to be done. If your alloys are going to their job and improve the look of your car, they need to be clean from mud and salt rust and the best way to keep them sparkling is with a good cleaner and a brush designed for the task.

A good brush has to be tough enough to clean effectively, but not to the point where it could damage the lacquer finish.

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Remove oil & grease stains thoroughly, and remember the engine is like a heart which pumps blood to human body, It is reliable and has to taken care, we rinse, clean with a premium process with W99 cleaning agent for removing tough water stains & carbonized cleaning of inner side of the bonnet, slam panels and surroundings areas.

Since 1991

Engine Bay Degreasing

Every buyer wants a clean car, in & out! A quick degreasing session could be the ticket to getting more life & performence for your vehicle. It will help improving the resale value with a pristine machine.

While the proper engine degreaser will shine up your engine, it will also remove road grime to improve your engine’s performance for a better mileage. Book an appointment with Car Care India Bangalore now.

Alloy Polishing Salt Water Corrosion

This service is intended to give special attention to cleaning Alloy Wheel. Persistent dirt such as such as burnt brake dust, oil marks, grease marks, light tar marks, and rubber residue etc are cleaned from the Metal Polish on the Alloy Wheel using a specific high powered in-house chemical for best results.

This process will help your car wheel get loosen and free to roll for a long drive, brings your car a new look & mileage.

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