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Paint Protection Treatment:

The paint of your vehicle is very important from an appearance and a functional point of view. In order to keep the paint layer thick, shiny and deep you need proper protective treatment. Our paint protection treatments include polishing, buffing and waxing. Paint protection treatment helps in –

  • Avoiding discoloration
  • Preventing rusting
  • Immunity from environmental hazards
  • Resisting harmful substances like UV rays
  • Acid rain water and dirt
  • Bird droppings and industrial fallout

Our einszett range of products ensures effective paint protection for your car to make it look and last as good as new! 

Interior and Boot Cleaning:

It is as important to look and feel good on the inside as it is on the outside. Therefore, Car Care India offers interior detailing and cleaning that makes your vehicle look as good as it possibly can. We perform a vacuum and steam cleaning of the interiors while accessories are cleaned and plastics and dash boards are detailed. Boot cleaning and detailing is also performed. This ends in deodorizing to emanate a pleasant scent to your interiors. We have specific products designed for cleaning the plastics as well as leather portions of the interior. The leather care products remove dirt, oil and grease while making the leather extremely supple. This also gives fragrance. top  

Glass Care:

The wind screen and windows need to project a clear view. einszett window and glass care products ensure that your glass is as clean and clear for your utmost safety. Our glass cleaning products ensure a quicker runoff of dirt and water and simplify cleaning.   top

Plastic & Rubber Care:

The plastic restoration smoothes and restores all plastic parts. This removes scratches, defects, swirls, stains and oxidation. This is followed by polishing of the plastic to restore and maintain clarity. einszett’s plastic restoration products are the most technologically advanced polishes, compounds and techniques. Make those plastics looking and feeling as good as new!  top

einszett offers some best in class rubber protection for the rubber components of the car such as tyres. Our rubber care products clean and maintain rubber car components and maintain their elasticity. Extends working life of the rubber and freshens up the colors Our rubber care routine also help in preventing the rubber seals on doors, windows and boot lids from sticking during winter. We help maintain the rubber, keep it supple and protects against brittleness. top 


Engine Bay Cleaning:

A dirty engine directly impacts the mechanical and working condition of the engine and the vehicle. Cleaning and effective care of the engine bay is the FIRST STEP in caring for your vehicle.

Our engine care products remove oil and grease stains quickly and reliably. The highly effective infiltration capabilities of the cleaner enable it to reach even difficult to access areas. This is followed by rinsing with strong water jet. Then a contact and lubricant spray is used to protect the metal against corrosion and lubricates moving parts. It also prevents leakage in electrical circuits and improves ignition performance. top 

Under Chassis Treatment:

A thorough under Chassis inspection is a must for any vehicle that is being valeted. Under chassis treatment prevents rusting and chipping by stones of the chassis and other components. Exhaust system components and hangers are all checked. Recoating is usually done in some cases. Bushings are checked for deterioration and replaced if necessary.

Rubber coating of the under body is recommended. This helps in the long run. The rust prevention coating helps in deadening sound. top