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The Chauffer

Your car will picked up, transformed and dropped back at your door step

The Pit Stop

Valeting at your doorstep, car care procedure is conducted at your compound or garage

The Drive-in

Drive into Car Care India's outlet for a thorough renovation

Car Care FAQ's

What is Car Valeting?

Most of us treat our cars beyond being just a means of transport. Donít you wish your car looked and performed exactly like the way it did the day you drove it out of the show room? Well Car Valeting is just about that!

In fact with Car Valeting you can make your car look and feel a lot better than the day it left the show room, while customizing a lot of features in your vehicle.

Car Valeting includes washing, polishing and waxing the exterior. Cleaning and shining your wheels and tyres, and more. The engine is cleaned, carpets and mats are done up, the glass and plastic in the interior is cleaned. Stains and smells are removed and the leather parts are maintained and refreshed! Itís basically a make-over for your Car to make it look and feel as good as new!

How Does Car Valeting Help your Vehicle?

Aside from making your car look and feel Beautiful, Car Valeting also helps in maintenance of your car health in the long run. For example ensuring the engine bay is clean avoids snags in the engine and prolongs the engine life!